Writing Roundup: April 2024

It’s been a good month for writing. While it’s not quite warm enough to write outside, the sun has been shining through the big window and the kitchen remodel project has been winding down. It’s been mostly an editing month, but my creative brain doesn’t know the difference between editing and writing. It’s all just words. Good one’s hopefully.

  • The sequel to The Man Who Walked in the Dark, Devil in the Gravity Lounge is in its last editing pass. I have it printed out and I’m attacking it with a pen. This pass mostly deals with small style changes and bits of weird grammar. It goes to my editor in the middle of May, and I’m super excited to see it go out to people.
  • Speaking of the sci-fi noir series, All Things Found, the tie-in short story is now up for all paying members of my Patreon. A visiting priest has been murdered in a chapel, and the Catholic Church will do anything to get back what was stolen.
  • I have only four stories on submission. They’re the same ones as last month. No response is… good, I guess? At least one is officially shortlisted. All I can do is keep waiting. A lot of publishing is all about waiting.
  • I’m in the process of refreshing my website and the whole social media presence. Deciding where to put my effort is always tricky business. Last night I made a list of blog topics I’d like to post in addition to my monthly roundup posts. Stay tuned for more of those.
  • My next conference is the Nebulas. I’m really looking forward to working with my fellow Board members and planning the next year of awesomeness for SFWA.
  • Anybody out there interested in audiobooks? I’m starting to put together a plan for an audiobook of The Man Who Walked in the Dark. Wish me luck. Just gotta find that perfect voice for Jude Demarco.

All of this and I’m still planning a grand new project. I picked up a new timeline tool for Obsidian Notes yesterday and I’m excited to untangle the mess of future history that’s going to go into this project. I can’t wait to tell you all about it (it’ll be a while, but if you want to be the first to hear, support me over on Patreon)

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