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Writers of the Future Contest – Silver Honorable Mention

Ego time for a moment, here. I’m on a list.

No, I’m not on the top of the list. The story in question isn’t getting published yet. Still, I’m pretty proud of this and therefore I feel the need to let you know about it.

I won a Silver Honorable Mention on the 3rd quarter Writers of the Future Contest.

It’s not Finalist or Semi-Finalist, but it’s higher up than Honorable Mention. Pretty cool, right? Authors submit stories from all over the world and I managed to get on a *pretty* short list.

This is a good thing. (A great thing) I think I’ll keep writing. (Was going to anyway)



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  1. […] It’s been a good year for me for writing and publishing. Fantastic, really. Peace in an Age of Metal and Men found its way into the world. That and Justice have been doing a steady bit of business for me this year, and I think having the sequel out makes marketing much easier. I’ve also been cranking out short stories, and even though it isn’t the pace I wanted, I think my stories are getting better. They’re starting to see nods like that Silver Honorary Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest. […]

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