White House Honey Porter

It’s ready just in time.

The White House Honey Porter has been brewing in the basement for the last month in anticipation for tomorrow’s epic showdown. I kegged it last week and it is now ready to be consumed in celebration or misery.

I had a little trouble finding some of the ingredients. I’m using a different yeast. I prefer the packages of wet yeast to the dry Nottingham yeast suggested in the recipe. I used an American Ale yeast, so I think it’s probably still fitting. Also, I was not able to obtain the White House Honey, made from the saccharine vomits of thousands upon thousands of swarming, vicious White House bees. I used regular honey. Vomited from regular bees.

It’s turned out pretty good. It’s a darker beer than I usually make, but doesn’t seem too heavy. The bitterness is detectable, but not terribly overpowering. The flavor of the honey is definitely there, but without the sweetness.

So, tomorrow I will cast my vote and come home for a few beers. I’ll hope that we Minnesotans fail to etch our silly trends into the stone of our constitution for all future generations to mock. I’ll hope that we Americans elect someone for President who isn’t going to give Jon Stewart too much low hanging fruit in the next four years (he’ll get lazy). Mostly, I’ll hope that whatever the outcome is we don’t completely tear each other apart about it.

One pound of honey to about 1 ounce of bitter.

That sounds like a pretty good ratio to me.

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