The Oak Leaf Cemetery

“I never worry about writer’s block, because when I hold this pen it whispers madness at the edge of hearing.” — satisfied Oak Leaf Cemetery customer

The Oak Leaf Cemetery is the place in the woods you only find by wandering. It lies at the edge of autumn, where the cold and decay long for the living. There, in a tiny shop in the clearing, an array of cursed pens are sold for deeply discounted prices. What deals does this old merchant have for the customers who find him? What temptations does he offer?

“No matter what story I have in my head, this pen always writes of murder!” — another satisfied customer

A voice speaks to you behind the dry whisper of leaves. Its words tug at your very soul. Will you find the pen with which to scribe your fate? Can you tame the curse written in your blood, or will that curse tame you?

“My writing used to suffer from my apathy, but when I hold this pen my blood boils with rage!” — a pleased customer

There is one true path to becoming a great writer, and that is to visit the Oak Leaf Cemetery on the last day of summer. Buy the pen that calls out to your soul and with it write your cursed truths. When at last the final twisted words of your ruined spirit spill out upon the page, that which you desire will be yours. Now available on Etsy.

“The ghost trapped in my pen tells of the hundred men he murdered. What stories!” — a prolific writer and Oak Leaf Cemetery customer

Remember, only the pure of heart can safely wield a pen from the Oak Leaf Cemetery–but only the wicked can wield it well.”

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