The Man Who Walked in the Dark – Release Day!

The Man Who Walked in the Dark is out today! Finally, after years of work and a whole lot of editing, my newest sci-fi noir series, All Things Found sees the light of day. You can pick up The Man Who Walked in the Dark here on my website, on Amazon, or basically anywhere books are sold.

A picture of a man in a trench coat and fedora with a church in the background. The title reads The Man Who Walked in the Dark

All things found. All things fixed.

Jude Demarco will take any job in the station-city of Nicodemia, so long as it doesn’t involve religion or art. People care too much about religion and art, and where there’s passion, life gets messy.

Then Charlotte Beck walks into his life with a lit cigarette and a lousy deal. She needs him to track down a stolen painting–one sought by art collectors, criminal masterminds, and the Catholic Church. To find it, she needs to locate the men who stole it.

She won’t take no for an answer.

In a city where crime lords are saints and good deeds are a commodity, Demarco soon discovers that if he wants the truth about his own dangerous past, then he’s going to need to bend a few rules.

And life is going to get messy.

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