The End of Summer

Just your standard May weather around here.
Just your standard May weather around here.

The end of summer means almost as much to me today as it did years ago when I was in school. My routine changes, the sky starts to darken, and my thoughts turn from reading in the sun to writing in the cave.

School has started. The boys seem to be adjusting quite nicely to their new school, though meeting new friends is always a little stressful. Stressed boys are sleepy boys around my house, which means I’m getting plenty of time in the evenings to write, read, or play video games.

The video games I’m playing (Rogue Legacy and Destiny) are taking up more than their fair share of my evenings, cutting directly into writing time. This is probably due to the new PS4 that I finally bought. So far I like the purchase, though I’m not sure there’s a significant advantage over the previous generation of consoles. I do enjoy casting the screen to my Vita, but that’s more of a novelty than anything.

I have several writing projects in the queue. They’ve been written for a while, but editing is slow. Last summer was filled with piles of productivity due to the extra days of vacation. This year I’m tackling new things at work and not really taking any extra time off.

The project I’m most excited about right now still doesn’t have a title (though I at least now have some good prospects.) It’s a novella set in the Metal and Men world of my first novel. It’s a story of a bounty hunter, his bounty, and buckets full of action and intrigue. I’ll be sending it to my editor soon. Stay tuned for more news.

As the days get shorter my productivity will certainly go up, especially if the television industry continues to refuse to produce decent programming.

Bring it on, winter. I’m ready for it this year (as long as I don’t need to go outside.)

I’ll be in my cave, writing in the dark.

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