I am a lurker. I rarely comment on the blogs I read. Most of the time I find myself with nothing to say. Often I am afraid to comment because I might offend someone. But there is a time when lurking is not allowed. There is a time when all blog readers must make themselves … Read more

Gritty McDuff

It is that time again.  Beer stockpiles have dropped low enough that action had to be taken.  The Firehouse Amber Ale was great, but now it is almost gone.  Both the Belgian Tripel and my barleywine still exist in large enough quantities, but both just seem a little heavy to be drinking this time of … Read more

This, Too, Shall Pass

In the interest of recording Fred’s greatness for all time I thought I would put together a list of the various things which have passed through him. Fred is gifted with the unique ability to consume virtually any object and turn it directly into an awful and unique odor. The following is a evidence of … Read more

Missing Halloween Candy

I happens every year. We buy Halloween candy weeks before the actual date, only to have the supply slowly diminish until a second candy purchase must be arranged. It isn’t like anyone here really eats a lot of candy. It just slowly dissappears. I virtually never eat candy any other time of year. Once as … Read more

The Mystery of the Missing Squash

Damaged, diseased, and rotten produce is often a problem in a vegetable garden. As a gardener I am have resigned myself to the fact that there will be a certain amount of loss during the growing season. The tomato that looks wonderful while green may ripen into a bug infested mess. The carrots may grow … Read more


There is some pretty exciting news for Fred today. A couple days ago Carol and her mother took Fred to Dairy Queen, not knowing exactly what they were getting into. They left the house intending to get ice cream on a hot summer day. What they got was a trip to The Norman Rockwell Zone. … Read more

Holding Pattern

Carol and I had another appointment with our midwife this morning. We got to experience a Non-Stress Test, which basically involves Carol sitting in a comfortable chair for half of an hour. Monitors told us that Tony, Son of Tony’s heartbeat is normal and that he is reacting appropriately to contractions. His heartrate increases a … Read more