500 Words

I spent the past several days at Gencon. Apart from some mild psychological scarring on the part of Gabe, I think the boys handled my absence quite well. Like in past years, I enjoyed a good many games.  D&D was the focus and my game of choice, but I managed to get a small taste … Read more

The Salt Beer

Thick, white head forms as the glass fills.   It holds promise, this beautiful beer. An experiment. A new recipe, taken from the latest Brew magazine. It is not often that I venture from my safe, plain book.  One recipe book has dominated my brewing career.  No more.  A friend from work got me a … Read more

The Continued Refinement of Wheat

My last three beers have been wheat beers.  I started with something simple, and I continue to add complexity and flavor. So far they’ve all been good. Here is the latest, brewing silently in my basement.  It should be ready to drink in another couple weeks.  I look forward to it. Bring 3 gallons of … Read more

Gencon 2010

Captain America walks next to Solid Snake, a Big Daddy lumbering in their wake.  Two Links pass each other, acknowledging each other with a nod. This is Gencon. There are a good many things I like about this convention.  The hours of the day are packed with fun, breaking only for that pesky interruption of … Read more


Before brewing this beer I must admit that I had never heard the word Kolsch.  I still don’t really know what it means. But it is a good beer. The local brew store had a sale.   They wanted to get rid of their Brewers Best kits in order to make room for the new, … Read more

Solid Oak Transformer

In those dark, cold months of winter I often turn to woodworking to keep myself busy.  This winter is no different. It always seems like a poor fit.  Even if I should manage to finish a project, I can’t actually finish it.  The garage is far too cold for stains and sealers, and the basement … Read more