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My Dog Fred

This is for those of you who never believe me when I say that Fredly can run.

Fred Running

Imminent Impact

And, of course, here he is being the good boy that he is. The secret? He thinks my camera is food.

Fred Sitting


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The Planting of Trees

Last night I finished my tree planting project. In addition to the three Ironwood Carpinus caroliniana trees that I planted a few weeks ago I now have a Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor. Hopefully all four of these plants can survive the harsh soil conditions in my back yard.

I am really looking forward to my soil class this fall. I’ll be able to scientifically prove that the soil in my yard is horrible. As far as I can tell I’ve got six inches of heavy clay on top of coarse, poor quality gravel. This did not make for fun digging. It took me about an hour average per hole. Is it true they sell dynamite at Fleet Farm?

Anyway, here are the trees:

Tony's New Trees

Tony’s Back Yard

Yeah, I know. They’re not much to look at right now. Some day that one in back will be 70 feet tall and the smaller ones will be 30. Maybe.

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A Trip To Nebraska

Carol and I drove six hours to Nebraska this past Sunday. I have to say the drive went fairly quickly and didn’t really bother me at all. Most long car trips have two distinct phases. During the first phase I am comfortable, fully alrert, and generally in a good mood. This can last anywhere from two hours to about ten. On Sunday it lasted about 5 1/2 hours. Right around the time we left the main road both of us got noticibly less comfortable. It might be the fact that the road got considerably bumpier, or maybe just the fact that five hours in a car is a really long time.

Despite the long car ride the wedding was a lot of fun. I know they say weddings where you don’t know anyone are supposed to be dreadfully boring, but I just don’t agree. After some carefully controlled scientific experiments it was discovered that this event contained what can be described as the Three Keys to Fun. These things, in no particular order, are free food, free wine, and the chicken dance.

Oh, and it should be noted that my wife can still swing dance, despite being eight months pregnant.