Grandfather Crypto: Edits are in!

An image of the book Grandfather Crypto.

Edits are in for Grandfather Crypto, and now it’s time to turn this thing into a book. Follow along for the next steps or check out the first chapter today.

April Book Roundup

Award reading is over for me now that the Nebula votes are in. That left me drifting in the TBR piles a little, but don’t worry, I found some books to cling to. I’ll be fine. Reading this week has included Locklands, Purgatory Ridge, and let’s talk a little about Defekt.

Grandfather Zero Launch

Book four in the Old Code series is out! Grandfather Zero returns to the retired hacker Ajay Andersen and his granddaughter Kylie as they struggle to survive in the brutal landscape of a near-future Minnesota. Survival is not enough. The Pine Fortress Camp for the Gifted turns privileged children into survivors. Into hunters. Into killers. … Read more

2022 Awards Eligibility

a hazy cityscape with tech-looking stuff in the foreground

It’s always a little surprising when another year passes us by. I mean, it shouldn’t be. I was there, right? But, alas, here we are, and it’s time for another Awards Eligibility post. Short Stories It’s been a slow year for short stories, probably because I, um, didn’t write a whole lot of them in … Read more

Anthony W. Eichenlaub at Worldcon

Chicon header image

Worldcon is in Chicago this year, and I am excited to be on programming. If you’re around, drop me a line! The schedule: Controlling for Bias in AI – Friday, Sept 2, 2:30 PM Crystal Ballroom BThis is one of my favorite topics, and I’m excited (and a little intimidated) by the panel of experts … Read more

Grandfather Guardian Launch

Grandfather Guardian is out! Today, the third book in the Old Code series hits the shelves, both in ebook and hardcover. Seasoned, strange, and dangerously clever Some invitations are impossible to refuse. When Ajay and Kylie are invited to a dinner party hosted by one of the wealthiest women around, Ajay sees it as an … Read more

Nebula Novella Inspired Poems

April is National Poetry Month, and this spring I took my very first poetry class. How could I NOT share some poetry? One of the hardest parts of poetry isn’t writing the actual words, it’s finding something to write about. The challenge for a new poet is not finding the Truth in the whole world, … Read more