The Best Beer I’ve Ever Brewed

That’s right, after mowing the lawn it was decided by a power much greater than my self that it is time to partake in the first batch of Eichenlager. I have to say, I’m very pleased with the results. The brew is flavorful and smooth, but not terribly heavy. It doesn’t have the bitter beeryness that many beers have. Overall I’d have to rank this right up there with my top ten beers of all time. It’s too bad there is a limited supply.

This beer was pretty much your standard European style lager. It also happens to be the beer that one makes after purchasing a home brew kit from Von Klopp’s Brew Shop.

Here are my notes:

1 can Laaglander Dutch Light Lager liquid malt extract
2 1# bags Munton’s extra light dry malt extract (DME)
1 7-gram packet Irish Moss
1 7-gram packet dry yeast (comes with the can of liquid malt extract)

I used tap water for this batch. I don’t notice any problem with the flavor, but in the future I would like to use bottled water from the grocery store. That will let me cool down the extra water before mixing with the boiling wort. This means less time waiting for the mixture to reach 90 degrees, and therefore a smaller chance of contamination. (it has to be 90 degrees before you add the yeast or your yeast dies a horrible death)

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