Writing a Short Story and/or Brewing Beer:

Writing and brewing beer are two of my favorite activities. I’d like to share these with you, but I simply do now have time to write two whole how-to guides. Therefore, I’ve decided to condense them into one simple list. Take some time to gather the various components. If you want your final product to … Read more

Seeking Disaster

I am like a moth and disaster is my flame.

The Red Cross officially has me on their volunteer roster. I’ve signed up, attended my first classes, and signed the little paper. I am a member of the team in charge of visiting victims of house fires. It is likely that these calls will come at extremely awkward times, but I’m willing to be on call because it’s the right thing to do.

However, my motivations are not entirely pure.

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Justice in an Age of Metal and Men

JusticeEbookFinalWell, here it is.

The final pieces are falling into place and I am finally able to announce my first novel, Justice in an Age of Metal and Men. The book will arrive on Kindle soon, with real paper following later.

If you’d like to be the very first to know about it, go ahead and sign up on my mailing list. Otherwise, just keep checking back to my Author Page. I’ll have links once the book is available.

Small town sheriff Jasper Davis Crow has an arm forged of Texas Army-issued black metal, chews snuff manufactured from real tobacco extract, and wields a six shooter made before neural implants were even a thing. In an age when 

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On My Way to Half Awesome

There is no doubt in my mind that marathon runners are awesome.

The physical stamina and mental determination needed to accomplish such a thing easily qualify a person as very seriously awesome. Even the slowest marathon runners gain a sort of amazing glow in the eyes of lesser men such as myself.

I don’t believe I will ever run a marathon.

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