2018: Short Story Reader’s Year in Review

2018 was a fantastic year for short stories, and I read SO many of them. These are a few of my favorites in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

CONvergence Schedule

CONvergence is this week! I’m excited about it. I’m there to learn a little about publishing, find some good sci-fi books, and meet people. You can maybe help me with that last objective¬†if you happen to be at the con and you are a person. Come find me! I look like that crazy person in … Read more

Why Sci-fi: 5 Reasons I Love Reading, Watching, and Writing Science Fiction

I love science fiction. All of it. I love watching it on movies or TV, reading it in books, and absorbing it as a fine paste through my pores every morning. It’s wonderful stuff, all shiny with glowy bits and scary with dark bits. Sci-fi is delicious on a bagel and 300% more nutritious¬†than the average generic fiction substance.

The question is, then: why? The obvious answer is probably parasitic nanotechnology lodged in my brain stem forcing me to have opinions for no reason.

Parasitic nontech, however, demands that I find justification.

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July 4 Free Kindle Deal – Justice in an Age of Metal and Men

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday than to pick up a free copy of a book that takes place long after the fall of the great American empire? Justice in an Age of Metal and Men is free for one day only — July 4th!