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How to Know That You Live in a Cyberpunk Dystopia

Have you ever uploaded your brain to a compuer? Did you ever have to fight to the death against your classmates? Have you ever had to determine whether or not someone you love is an android?


Yeah, me neither. So that leaves the obvious question.

How do we know that we live in a cyberpunk dystopia?

  • Self driving cars.
  • Remember that time when we didn’t have handheld brains to augment the thinking that we do with our regular brains? Me neither. Let me look it up. Nope, that never happened.
  • Corporations are people. One of the main precepts of cyberpunk is that big, evil corporations control, manipulate, or outright own the government. They run society and they don’t do a very good job of it. Well, shit.
  • This thing. Because, of course, computers need their own weird blood. Ew.
  • Drones are everywhere now. They’re always watching you, you know. Why not wave at the sky and let them know that you’re OK with it? No, wait, don’t do that. If they think you know, they’ll just, well, never mind.
  • 4k flatscreen TVs. They’re awesome, but what’s the point of all those extra pixels? You can’t even get a 4k signal from anything. DYSTOPIA!
  • A significant human-caused alteration of the climate and…
  • A corporate-led denial of those alterations. Which is widely believed.
  • No, I won’t link to evidence of those last two. It’s ok to make broad statements such as these and link to absolutely no evidence. That is, in fact, how we prefer to get most of our information.robot-garrison-keillor
  • When I was a kid Garrison Keillor was some old guy my grandma listened to on the radio. Now? Thirty years later and he’s still on the radio doing the same show. The only answer: Robot Garrison Keillor. The Prairie Home Companion is propaganda, everyone. It’s there to convince us of the wholesome nature of our overlords at NPR.
  • I’m willing to admit that last one hasn’t been fully vetted.
  • Digital books. That’s so cyberpunk, man. We are SO living in the future. We don’t even have anything to do with all those rainforests we’re chopping down. I mean, we still chop them down, but still.
  • Bitcoins are a real thing. We might as well call them creds and exchange them by knocking our phones together. Maybe we do that. I don’t know.
  • Everything that the totally non-evil super benevolent Google Corporation (or Alphabet, I guess?) produces.

I think it’s pretty clear that we live in a cyberpunk world. Our society will now slowly slip into ruin and decay. Our best choice is to–wait, we don’t have any choices. That’s the idea.

Wait a second… Hold on.

*checks gas prices*

No, actually, never mind. We’re fine.

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Grit and Grace Cover Reveal

GritAndGraceCoverMy new novella, Grit and Grace is coming soon and now it has a cover. It’s a story written in the same cyberpunk western world as Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, but it follows new characters exploring different parts of Texas.

It’s exciting. There’s action. Also, guns. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail quite yet, but here’s a quick description for you to think about:

Winston Brand is a bounty hunter, but his day gets complicated when he wakes after a battle he doesn’t remember. By the looks of it, it’s not a battle he won. All he knows is that Goodwin is paying good money to track down a girl. There are other hunters, too, so Winston hardly has time to ask himself the question:

Why does Chester Goodwin want his own daughter back Dead or Alive?

Grit and Grace is now available for pre-orders via Amazon.

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JusticeEbookFinalI am super excited about my latest novella. It takes place in the same world as Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, but features mostly new characters some pieces that I am very excited about. I’ve crammed it into the pneumatic inter-tubes to my editor and I am quietly awaiting his response. As I quiver in excitement and anticipation I thought it might be nice to keep myself busy by running a sale on the novel.

Said novel will be $0.99 from 9/27 through 9/29. That’s really the message here.

Running a sale can be either time consuming or expensive. I opted for time consuming, since I had some to spare. I’ve been filling out forms, sending emails, and otherwise doing all of the announcement work that goes along with a sale.

Luckily most of this work can be done while watching TV.

Everything is done, though, except for a few day-of announcement activities. Now I’ll sit back and relax, hoping that someone picks up a super-cheap copy of the novel while I enjoy this unseasonably warm September weather.

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A Book Sale!

JusticePosterThe Justice in an Age of Metal and Men ebook is having its very first sale starting today. This is an Amazon countdown deal. The book will be $0.99 for a while, then slowly go back up to its regular price. According to the math in my head $0.99 = $0.

The whole sale lasts a week, but to get the best deal you have to get in as soon as you can.

So don’t wait! Grab the book while it’s still super cheap, read it, and drop me a review (which significantly helps me get the book to a wider audience).


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Justice in an Age of Metal and Men

JusticeEbookFinalWell, here it is.

The final pieces are falling into place and I am finally able to announce my first novel, Justice in an Age of Metal and Men. The book will arrive on Kindle soon, with real paper following later.

If you’d like to be the very first to know about it, go ahead and sign up on my mailing list. Otherwise, just keep checking back to my Author Page. I’ll have links once the book is available.

Small town sheriff Jasper Davis Crow has an arm forged of Texas Army-issued black metal, chews snuff manufactured from real tobacco extract, and wields a six shooter made before neural implants were even a thing. In an age when  Continue reading Justice in an Age of Metal and Men