Solid Oak Transformer

In those dark, cold months of winter I often turn to woodworking to keep myself busy.  This winter is no different.

It always seems like a poor fit.  Even if I should manage to finish a project, I can’t actually finish it.  The garage is far too cold for stains and sealers, and the basement is far to poison-your-family-ish and burn-your-house-downish.

Luckily this project will take a while.  It might actually be Spring before I manage to put together all of the pieces.

I’m building a transforming coffee/gaming table.

The problem stems from the conflict between gaming with friends and video games.  The current table works well for gaming, but its huge.  I don’t want this massive thing between me and the screen when I play video games.

Thus, I’ve been designing the perfect table.

It will fold out to an approximate 5′ x 5′ gaming surface.  The actual substance that will cover the surface is unknown at this point.  Once game night is finished, it’ll fold down to a 5′ x 3′ coffee table, short enough to avoid interfering with my sound system.

Now we just need to find out if my woodworking skills are up to the challenge.

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