Roundup #9: True Wisdom in the Internet

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)We can all agree that in the modern age all true wisdom flows from the Internet, right? Mostly? I mean, it’s out there. It’s hidden, okay? It’s-yeah, over there-behind that other thing.

Wisdom is out there, we just need to fight off hordes of stupid to get to it.

Well, it’s Friday, so it’s time to venture once again into the fray and come back a hero or a corpse.

  • Some of the best wisdom out there has to do with higher forms of entertainment. The best part of entertainment rumors is that they can be substantiated by absolutely nothing like this great idea about Hayley Atwell playing Doctor Who. She said she’d like to be the Doctor. That’s enough for a big headline and and article, right? Really, though, she’d be an incredible Doctor. Someone make this happen, please?
  • I’m not afraid to admit that I didn’t know the difference between Hispanic and Latino before I read this comic. Turns out they’re pretty easy distinctions, too. Just read it. Then you don’t have to worry about using the wrong word. Which is always the worst thing.
  • Remember that ice bucket challenge from a while ago? Fun, right? So, the deal was that you were supposed to either dump ice water on your head or make a donation. Turns out someone did something with the money donations and made real progress against ALS. The article doesn’t mention any progress made from the ice dumping thing. Thanks, anyway, I guess?
  • Sometimes I wonder why I am not consuming the protein of hundreds of crickets RIGHT NOW. I hear them singing outside my window. They call to me with their deliciously crunchy carapaces and their nutrient filled thoraxes. I’m seriously thinking about ordering a box of cricket-based protein bars. If you happen to order, use the coupon code FRIEND10. Get’s you $10 off.

Maybe the most important thing to learn from the Internet is that we’ve peaked as a culture. Our society has already produced perfection and most of you were just too busy to pay attention. Don’t believe me?

Just watch:

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