Right Tool for the Right Job: Roundup #6

Image by Death to Stock
Image by Death to Stock

Welcome to another Friday. Were you planning on getting some work done?

I hope not, because do you know what’s out there? The Internet. It’s out there waiting with all of the clever, interesting things you could possibly hope for.

All you need to do is look. Here, I’ll help you get started with my weekly roundup.

  • Wanna know what’s cool? Shooting down drones. Pew pew! Crash! Don’t do it, though. This week I ran into this article about the legal ramifications of shooting down your neighbor’s fleet and, um, it would still be cool, but it might come with significant jail time.
  • But you know what would be absolutely perfect for shooting down enemy drones? A flamethrower. One that you can totally buy. With regular money. And I’m sure it doesn’t get you on any government watchlists or anything. Powdercoated bright green, by the way. You know, if you’re looking to gift me one.
  • So, let’s talk about internet security for a moment. If you’re planning on doing something and being super secretive about it, please don’t sign up for a service whose only purpose is to assist people in super secret stuff. Client lists get hacked, you guys. It’s just how things work.
  • Finally, in book related news, the boys and I just finished Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. It’s an interesting take on super powers and has a visually amazing dystopia in which Chicago has been turned to solid steel. Someone’s started talking about making it into a movie. It has lots of potential, and I really hope it’s good.

That’s it for this week.

What, you haven’t had enough? Fine, have some math:

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