Roundup #10: You So Smart?

I’ve been informed that Friday is not actually part of the weekend. It’s a work day just like all of the other work days. Just like… Monday.

That doesn’t mean I can’t round up all of the random stuff I’ve run across this week. I can do it. You can click on it. Just because it’s a work day doesn’t mean it needs to be productive, right?

  • Let’s start with some unbelievably clever art. There should be a rule that anyone selling t-shirts on the internet needs to provide them in my size (LT). They never do. Otherwise, I’d be buying up piles of these things.
  • Speaking of art, Banksy’s Dismaland was all over the news this week. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s probably just as much fun as Disneyland, but without the bad food.
  • This is the best. No, really, this is fun. Someone really smart person took all of the adjectives, similes, and metaphors out of Lovecraft and then added them to Hemingway.
  • Sometimes I run across the article and find myself amused at how clever the world is.
  • Have I mentioned that I want a Tesla? I’m probably going to settle for a lesser electric car, but it’s nice to know that Tesla actually broke Consumer Report’s ranking system. It’s, um, supposed to be a scale of 1-100 and the Tesla Model S P85 D scored 103.

The following video is a good one if you’ve recently learned how to teleport. Take a look and let me know if you think of any other clever uses for your power.

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