Return from ConFusion

Had Detroit style pizza at ConFusion
See, it’s square

This past weekend was ConFusion, which somehow lured me into those strange lands around Detroit. I had a great time and met so many fantastic authors and fans. Here are a few post-con thoughts:

  • Apparently there is a Detroit style of pizza and it’s… square? I imagine that’s because traditionally it was cooked in the cracked engine block of a Ford Model A. I guess I don’t know. It was good.
  • There is NO JOY which can compare to Delilah Dawson‘s when Adam Rakunas gave her a gluten-free cake. And she shared, too. It was genuinely good cake. (+4 respect to each of them)
  • My panel on What’s Your Favorite Apocalypse was amazing and ended with the panel members going out for drinks and eating bugs. My favorite apocalypse is the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, btw. Millipedes in Chex mix are tasty.
  • Michigan is a wasteland of fog, damp and dreary.
  • Mishell Baker is super cool and thinks I’m a decent driver. Being at a con with a car is a lot like being a freshman in college with a car. Side note: maybe clean the car before driving to the next convention.
  • I felt that my social game went quite well, but there were still people I failed to meet. If that’s you, then, um, maybe next con? This year I’m planning on ConVergence and WorldCon. After that… I don’t know.

ConFusion is a fantastic con. I recommend it for any sci-fi/fantasy writers out there, simply as an opportunity to meet so many others like yourself. They are quite accepting of authors at any career stage, and the smaller convention size makes for a ridiculous writer to reader ratio.


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