Metal and Men Series

Eichenlaub offers up a futuristic world seen through the eyes of a character that is very “old school” cowboy.

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A futuristic story with its roots in “Gunsmoke” and “The Rifleman.

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A book box with cowboy on the frontJustice, Peace, Honor, plus the Metal and Men short story the Guardian of Old Texas. Grab this boxed set wherever you can buy ebooks.
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There are some mysteries all the tech in Texas can’t solve.

Things aren’t always easy for the Sheriff of Dead Oak, Texas. Cybernetically modified biker gangs roam the skies, dangerous outlaws prowl the streets, and gunslingers threaten the delicate balance of a Texas gone sour. J.D. doesn’t mind. He’ll hold hard the line of justice, no matter what it takes.

Sometimes things aren’t so simple.

When a rancher is murdered, it’s going to take all of J.D.’s skills as a Texas Ranger to track the killer. Every turn he makes he find more threads of a massive conspiracy that could tear his town apart. Every discovery leads him down the darker path of his own past.

And he’s not the only one doing some tracking. A man in black is on his trail.

There’s only one thing J.D. knows for sure:

One way or another, there’s going to be Justice in an Age of Metal and Men.

Fabulous characters and non-stop action!

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Short Stories and Novellas in the Metal and Men Universe

Grit and Grace: A Metal and Men Novella
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The Giant of Big Bend
The Mercy CourtOld time court photo with a big computer as the judge
A Bullet in the Rancher’s TombTwo revolvers in a tomb
Gunfight for the One-Armed Man

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