Old Code Series

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

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This techno-thriller is like a futuristic “Enemy of the State”

Mike Kalmbach

Grandfather Anonymous

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

Before Ajay retired, he was the best hacker the NSA had ever hired. He sank corporations, toppled governments, and broke cryptography. All of it.

And don’t think retirement has slowed him down one bit, thank you very much.

When his estranged daughter shows up on his doorstep with his two granddaughters, Ajay will do anything to keep them safe. He’ll hack biotech corporations and criminal enterprises alike. Nobody after his girls will be safe, but the more he digs, the more he dredges up the shadows of his own dangerous past.

He only needs to know one thing:

What makes his granddaughters so darn valuable?

Ajay may have retired as a hacker, but he’s not done yet. Not by a long shot.

Poignant yet action filled

L. J. Erste – Amazon Reader

Grandfather Ghost

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Retired, reclusive, and too smart to die.

Ajay Andersen knows that retirement isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses. He’s committed to protecting those he loves, and sometimes that’s not going to be easy.

But he didn’t expect a body to show up in his living room.

When an old acquaintance shows up dead and an old enemy arrives with answers, Ajay will need to decide quickly who he can trust and who’s out to kill him. An environmentalist entrepreneur threatens the very wild he once protected. Someone has information Ajay needs to keep under wraps. His granddaughter struggles to make a normal life from the garbage he’s able to give her. If he’s going to make things right, he needs to venture somewhere he never wanted to go during the harsh Minnesota winter:


To old to race a snowmobile through a dense forest? Maybe. Too old to be a pain in everyone’s butt?

Not this Grandfather.