Metal and Men, the Complete Boxed Set
Justice in an Age of Metal and Men Cover
Texas style justice
Texas, music, and guns
Peace in an Age of Metal and Men Cover
Peace comes to Texas
Honor in an Age of Metal and Men cover
Honor is all that’s left

Short Stories

More Stories

  • When Gracie’s Father Fought – Gracie’s nature doesn’t make her the easiest kid to raise. This story is in the Fell Beasts and Fair anthology, a collection of bright, incredible fantasy.
  • The Girl Who Always Looked Up – A story of a girl and her sky, published in the lovely Asymmetry Fiction.
  • The Downfall of Jesse James – This story is basically a retelling of the historical legend with a steampunk flare.  Could there possibly be a better genre than steampunk?  I guess I’m not even sure.  It’s published in a steampunk anthology called Conquest Through Determination.
  • A New Conscience – This short story was published in the third volume of Kzine, a Kindle-only digital magazine.  The story is about a criminal who is part of an experimental program that promises to give him freedom in exchange for an artificially augmented conscience.

Patreon Stories

Many of my stories are published over on my Patreon, sometimes exclusively.

Metal and Men stories:

And there are other, stranger stories that I love writing but can’t always find a home for outside of the Patreon.

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