Preorders Open: Peace in an Age of Metal and Men

Peace in an Age of Metal and Men
Peace comes to Texas

Peace in an Age of Metal and Men is up for preorder! June 7th you can get your hands on the ebook just as soon as its available. Order now!

What’s that you say? How are ebooks made? Well, kids, sit right down and take a gander.

*plunges hand into the ice-cold first muds of Spring*

*emerges with squirming ebook, fully formed and dripping filth*

One day I’ll show you how editing works, but I don’t think you’re ready for it yet.

Look, creating an ebook’s not easy. You have to rinse them off before you can sell them. Sometimes instead of an ebook you’ll come out with a fist full of baby rattlesnakes. Other times you slip and the mud swallows you whole and nobody speaks your name ever again for fear of angering the author gods.

Writing is tough.

This time, I got a book. Peace in an Age of Metal and Men follows after Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, though reading the first book isn’t strictly necessary. What’s that? You want it anyway? Well, you can already get that. There’s plenty of time to read Justice before Peace comes out.

Why preorder? Well, algorithms, that’s why. Nope, I don’t know how it works. The Amazon Kings use their magic rituals to determine which books are going to be worth pushing. Preorders factor into it somehow.

The book will be out on paperback on roughly the same schedule.

What’s that? You want to know the secret of how paperbacks are made?

*dons styrofoam-spiked shoulder pads and helmet made from a Mountain Dew box*

*draws rusty sword and plunger*

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