Photo Tuesday: Pepper Time

There’s a lot to be said for a decorative pepper.

*looks around*

Ok, look, I don’t have a lot to say about these peppers. They’re colorful, I guess. I’m not really sure what the endgame is for these guys, but the new house lets us grow all kinds of things indoors. I mean, we actually get TOO MUCH sunlight.

The peppers are nice. What I find more exciting is the fancy flash that I bought myself with hard-earned “fitness bucks” from work. Those are the bonus dollars you get for letting your employer track absolutely every aspect of your life. In my case, I think I earned about $50.

So I bought a fancy remote flash. I like what I’ve been able to do with it so far. It’s going to take some work to figure out what all the settings are. Sometimes it makes really bright harsh light. Sometimes softer. Sometimes, um, no light at all.

So I guess that’s something.

Anyway. Look how red these damn things are!

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