Photo Tuesday: With a Little Photoshop

Today’s flower is something I captured in Zion National Park. We were in a hurry, there wasn’t much time to set up and take lots of shots. Really, I just snapped the pic as quickly as I could and moved on.

I knew I loved the colors of this. The positioning of the two flowers in frame was wonderful and the depth of field came out great. One problem, though.

The picture was every so slightly blurry. Something didn’t focus quite right. At first I thought the image lost, but, I mean, I own a photoshop license. I might as well try it, right?

The result after some fancy filters is artistically one of my favorite pieces. The color and composition are just as I originally envisioned them, and I love the flattened, oil painting texture that Photoshop allowed me to add. It’s a nice piece and it graduated to the coveted position of Picture that Sometimes Rotates Into the Background on my Desktop.


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