Photo Tuesday: More Flowers from the American Southwest

One of the great things about vacation is that I have lots of free time to take pictures. Of flowers. Lots of pictures of flowers. In fact, I’m going to keep milking this road trip through the American Southwest for as long as I can.

We’ve hardly made a dent.

Let’s see, any writing news? Well, Peace in an Age of Metal and Men is doing quite nicely. It’s selling well at the Thursdays on First booth and the post CONvergence bump in sales was better than I expected (I expected nothing, so…) My current project is nearing the end of a massive, massive round of revisions and is approaching a final form. Stay tuned for news.

Speaking of news, my newsletter is going out soon. It’ll have some cool stuff in it including some nice discounts. If you’d like to get signed up for that, well, click on something, I guess.

You ready for some flowers?

*cups hand to ears*

*pumps fist*

Ok, well, here you go, anyway.

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