Photo Tuesday: A Purple Flower You’re Welcome

This was another fine example of direct sunlight messing with a perfectly gorgeous purple flower. It’s not that light is a bad thing, necessarily, it’s just that there’s too much of it. Shadows become too pronounced and colors can get washed out.

There are solutions, of course. A lot of photographers carry around white pieces of cardboard or paper to reflect sunlight and adjust shadows. Flashes can, in theory, help, too. I’ve never gotten mine to help all that much, though. Consider this a reminder to myself to start practicing some solution to this.

In the end, photoshop was my savior here. I used it to increase the vibrance of those foreground flowers and decrease the saturation on the background. That lets me draw the eye to the subject nicely. It’s not my favorite purple flower, but it’s nice.

In other news, I’m, um, in the news. With a quote. The Thursdays on First booth for Rochester Writers has been really excellent this year. There are two more days that you can find us out there. August 18th, and August 25th. Until then, you’re probably just going to have to take a look at buying my books the old fashioned way: through Amazon.

A Purple Flower
Hey, do you guys want to see another purple flower?

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