Photo Tuesday: Clematis

The clematis is one of my favorite flowers in my landscape. Every year it surprises me, because it’s really only visible from the hammock. Anywhere else in the back yard and there just isn’t a sight line to it. Nap for a little bit in the garden, though, and you’ll find this guy looking down at you:


Clematis by Anthony Eichenlaub on 500px.com

Gencon was, once again, a blast. I got to meet so many great writers, some of whom I’d met before only on social media. I also got to play a lot of games with old friends and new, and that’s really what Gencon is all about.

I’ve bought a new house, and that makes these pictures all the more meaningful to me. Not only are these images a way to share the beauty of my garden, but now they’re going to be how I remember them. When I moved into this house there were no trees, hardly any flowers, and a whole lot of turf problems. As I get ready to sell the house, I can reflect upon the gorgeous oaks and the fact that something is flowering here every single non-frozen day out of the year. I feel I’ve really accomplished something in this landscape.

It’s a work of art, really. One that not many people are ever going to get to experience. I hope the new owner appreciates it.

If not, well, that’s fine, too. By then I’ll have moved on.

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