On a Forsaken Land Found

The time is here. Ash Morgan’s next big experiment has arrived, and it’s time to find out what twists and discoveries await in the forgotten deserts of the planet Sky.

On a Forsaken Land Found is a huge release, since it sets up the Big Next Steps in the series and marks three (3) Colony of Edge books. I’m so excited to hear what people think about this thing.

As you may have noticed, this series borrows themes from various classic monsters. On a Forsaken Land Found is the mummy entry. Not any particular mummy book, but a huge part of the inspiration (and, roughly, its story structure) comes from the fabulous Brendan Frasier The Mummy, which is a modern classic all on its own. I mean, it’s no Encino Man, but come on.

But don’t expect the twists in this book to resemble what you’ve seen in other mummy stories.

Because what follows them back is not what you’ll expect.

On a Forsaken Land Found

There are some mysteries best left unearthed on the planet of Sky.

A secret is hidden in a dead city at the center of a faraway desert. Lost technology might save the colony of Edge and finally bring sustainable life to a world that has been so close for so long.
…But what dangers slumber in that forsaken land?
Ash Morgan leads a team of explorers to find clues that will save her people and bring on a new era of prosperity. She battles the elements and hazards of the city, but can she hold together her team when the dangers prove too much? Can she prepare them for the very real possibility of failure?
And what if something follows them back to Edge?
Maybe that city’s not so dead after all.

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