Of a Strange World Made Release

Of a Strange World Made is NOW AVAILABLE for the Launch Week price of $0.99! Welcome to the world of Sky, where the colony of Edge lives at the forward boundary of humanity and science. Ash Morgan doesn’t have a problem breaking rules, but things are getting ridiculous and she might not know where to stop.

A Strange World

Girl looking at a horizon with two moons

This book has been a long time in the making. I’ve spoken before about why I decided to self publish and why I love love love the novella length. The story itself goes back even farther. Of a Strange World Made is actually something I wrote back when the local library had a contest to write the best story inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I wrote Of a Strange World Made in ten days, edited it in twenty, and submitted to the contest.

It didn’t win.

Of a Strange World Made isn’t LIKE Frankenstein, but it deals with some of the same themes. Of course, I touched “man’s responsibility for that which we create” and blew right past “the limits of ethical science”, but my favorite Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story isn’t even the story itself. It’s the story of the story.

See, it goes like this. Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein because of a writing contest between herself, Lord Freaking Byron, and Percy Shelley, who was kind of a turd. At least that’s how I remember it. Anyway, I’m sure Byron and Percy wrote perfectly lovely stories. Mary wrote an incredible story that happens to be the start of modern science fiction. No big deal.

THAT was the inspiration for Of a Strange World Made.

After losing the Frankenstein contest, I reworked a bunch of Of a Strange World Made and turned it into something that I’m genuinely excited to see in the world. It’s an exciting piece to me because it’s doing things in science fiction that I haven’t done before, and so far I’m liking the reception it’s getting.

I hope you’ll take a look. Kindle books are out now. Paperbacks are backed up in the Big Amazon Machine, but should be ready, um, two days ago. Whatever that’s worth. For Launch Week, the price is $0.99. After that, it’ll be at the regular price of $2.99, so grab it quick. Enjoy.

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