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Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury officially releases to all booksellers on November 14th, but you can grab it direct from me today. This is my first short story collection, and the result of me saying, “Hey, I have a lot of stories with older protagonists, I should bundle those together.” I’ve really enjoyed building this thing, because it’s allowed me to take a look back at my stories over the years.

Turns out I still like these things.

Patreon supporters of the Mercenary tier or higher will soon see the ebooks. Paperbacks and hardcovers are in the works.

Sci-fi cityscape with something flying over it. Node Done Yet in large block letters.

You’re never too old to change the future.
A resident of a nursing home discovers something strange when he orchestrates his escape heist. A mother must decide what to do when four copies of her son return from the Duplication War. An elderly villain writes one last letter to her superhero daughter.
Fourteen stories of justice, beauty, and innovation that prove you don’t need to be young to be ambitious. Too old to make a difference?
Step aside, kid. We’re Not Done Yet.

You have no idea how excited I am to see this book become a reality. I hope you’ll grab a copy and read through this book, and, hey, it makes a fantastic gift for a grandparent and we all know how hard they are to shop for.

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