Nature Photo Friday: Some Kinda Moth

Moth at Whitewater
Orange is code for “Owl Breakfast” in moth coloring

I’m not going to say anything about that proboscis. Nothing. Not a thing.

Look at that thing, though. I mean, damn. It’s right out there.

This is another nature photo from Whitewater State Park in the middle of April. I was actually a little surprised to see this guy flitting about on top of the bluff. There weren’t many others. In fact, this might have been the only insect I saw for the entire hike. April in Minnesota is like that. I mean, April is basically still winter around here, so any moth out this early is doomed.

Still, I was glad to see this moth. There wasn’t a lot of color in the area yet, so this little beauty was a little spark of magic in a dull brown world.

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