Nature Photo Friday: Some Kinda Flowers


Look, my flower ID skills are rubbish, all right? Trees I’m pretty good at as long as they’re not coniferous. Flowers? I had a whole class on flowers. Loved it.

But that doesn’t mean I retained much of the information.

These little guys popped up around mid-April all through the bluffs of Whitewater State Park. They make for an excellent excuse to stop climbing stairs for one goddamn minute. An excellent excuse.

That’s why, a little later in the hike, I stopped to take pictures of more tiny, white flowers. These are different, but also, quite pretty. Worth stopping.

Here’s your bonus picture:


3 thoughts on “Nature Photo Friday: Some Kinda Flowers”

  1. I think your second photo is of a hepatica, but the leaf that is visible doesn’t look right. Maybe it is from a different plant.

  2. Your first photo is of a bloodroot. If you were to pick it you would get a sticky red sap all over your hands.


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