March 2024 Roundup

It’s March. I can’t say I’m surprised at how quickly time moves, but it is pretty fast, isn’t it? It seems to me like it’s going at least 20% faster than it used to.

I have no way to back this up with evidence.

Writing Updates

The Man Who Walked in the Dark had a fabulous launch last month. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy. Please consider a review! Double thank-you to those of you who finished it and immediately preordered Devil in the Gravity Lounge. I’m currently working through a round of edits on that one and I’m so excited to get it into your hands as soon as possible.

My position as a Director at Large on the SFWA Board isn’t writing, exactly, but it is writing-related. If you’re a SFWA member, please consider voting for me in the current election. I’d love to keep working with that team to expand SFWA’s reach and improve how we influence the industry. You should have an email with your voting link, and detailed position statements are in the forum.

Next month is my Write that Story! class. If you’re local and are working on a project, this is the class where we DO THAT. It’s kind of an everything-goes class where we figure out what the students need and try together to provide it. It’s a fun class, and I hope we can get enough people to run it.

Reading Updates

It’s voting season for the Nebulas, so I’ve been pushing hard to cram as many books into my brain as possible. That isn’t ALL I’m reading, but it’s a high percentage and it’s all been excellent. Here are some highlights on my March reads:

Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon by Wole Talabi

I loved this book the second I figured out that it was a heist. Not only is it a heist, but it uses a non-linear storytelling structure. I LOVE that kind of stuff if done well and this story is done very well. This is in the Novel category. All the books I’ve read in that category so far are excellent, so I’m not making predictions, but dang. This one’s good.

The Ghost Job by Greg Van Eekhout

I’m feeling so confident about my Nebula reading this year (I’ve already read most of Novel and Novella categories) that I’m delving into the Middle Grade and YA category. It’s been a while since I read any middle grade, but Ghost Job is fantastic. And… Heists. Hey, I think I might have figured out that I like heists.

The Control of Nature by John McFee

This one’s not a Nebula book. It’s not recent. It’s not fiction.

But dang, it’s a good one. This book is about three times that people have tried with mixed success to overcome nature. The first is where we try to decide the path of the Mississippi. The second is in Iceland where people controlled a lava flow by spraying water on it. A LOT of water. The third talks about the debris flows in California. It’s a fascinating book, and definitely a good read and teaches us a lot about both the power of nature and the stubbornness of human beings.

Short Stories

I’ve been reading a lot more short stories this year, and I’ve started on the Nebula reading. I will always have a special place in my heart for a well told short story, so here are some I’ve liked recently.

Once Upon a Time at the Oakmont by P.A. Cornell – This is such a touching, powerful story about an apartment building in New York that exists just a little bit outside of time. The characters are wonderful and the story is charming.

They Will Dance Among Planets by Catherine Tavares – This is a wonderful little piece of flash fiction, and you should read it.

And One More Thing

Words and Things is CD Covington’s newsletter and I am being very honest when I say it’s the best newsletter out there. It’s about language, and it’s amazing.

Keep reading, my friends.

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