Macro Monday: Bees in Helsinki

Well, WorldCon was an incredible success. It was an exhausting, fun adventure that I look forward to repeating as long as it isn’t any time soon oh wow I’m really tired. I met some great people and ate some excellent food, including a super-fancy buffet where they just keep bringing you meat until you beg them to stop oh, please stop.

Anyway, got to hang out with some of those cool kids from Angry Robot (pic from Nick Tyler):

Fine folk from #worldcon75

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Jet lag really punched me around this trip, and I don’t think I ever really adjusted to the time zone. It probably didn’t help that the hotel I stayed at had a coffee maker in the room but no coffee. Tired brain never really figured out how to solve that. Also, this may be my American bias, but the coffee they sell in Helsinki is tiny. Like, really tiny.

Once the convention was done, the wife and I went on some adventures. One of these was a trip to the Helsinki Botanical Garden.

Where we met some bees.

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