Long Form Fiction

I’ve been brewing beer, painting miniatures, woodworking, and planning some serious landscape improvements. That’s a lot of hobbies. It keeps me busy, but I think if I had to I would say that writing is probably my favorite right now.

“How is that possible?” You may ask. “You hardly ever write on your stinkin’ blog!”

Well, I’ve been sinking most of my efforts into writing a book.

“A book? When can we read it?”

Not any time soon. I started writing a few months ago and I have about one chapter to go before the horrible first draft is finished. Then I just need to go back and rewrite nearly all of it. It’s possible I’ll just toss it and write something else. With what I’ve learned from this first novel, I’d say the second should be much easier.

“Well, what’s it–”

No, don’t ask me anything about it. I’ll just dodge the question. I won’t want to talk about it until it’s something I’m proud of. That might happen sometime during the second or third draft. It might never happen. The longer form of fiction tends to be a lot more complex than those short stories I’ve been cranking out.

Speaking of which, you can now see my published work over on my Author Page. It’s a pretty short list at the moment, but there are a couple things in the works that might find their way out there soon.

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