Load Up Your E-Reader Sale

Maybe you picked up your first Kindle this year at Christmas. A relative who knows very well that you love books decided to gift you a Kobo or the stray Nook. You stared at the thing with a strained smile. You’ve always loved paper books, and can’t imagine reading on this glowing digital monstrosity.

A picture of three books. Grandfather Anonymous, Grandfather Ghost, and Grandfather Guardian.

Or maybe you’ve had an e-reader for years, but someone gifted you a gift card and you just don’t want any more stuff. How the heck are you going to spend that money without drowning in the wave of merchandise that is already threatening to block the critical fire exits to your item-choked home?

That is why until the end of the year you can find all of my Old Code books on sale. Grandfather Anonymous is free. Every other book in the series is discounted. I picked these books because they’re the kind of technothriller science fiction that a person can curl up with under a blanket and read until the doom of daily life resumes at the start of the new year.

This sale is rare, just so you know. Grandfather Anonymous gets fairly regular discounts, but the rest of them… Ok, look, it’s a real pain to go out and enter the discounts for every one of these things on every platform. I might not do this again for a very long time. Grab the whole series when you have a chance.

Oh, and there’s more. We’re here to load up your devices, right? Following are a couple of places you can find more books. Not used to reading on a Kindle? Well, get through a few of these and you’ll be in good shape.

You’ll learn to love your e-reader. I promise. You can read later into the night without your bedside light disturbing your spouse. You can curl up in a dark room and be fully absorbed in the warm glow of a made-up world. You can adjust the font so your poor eyes (if they’re anything like mine) can read without strain. You can pack a whole library next time you go on vacation.

I still love paper. I pick it whenever I have the option.

But e-readers are great. Let’s get yours loaded up.

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