Fur production was down.  Vinnie wasn’t getting enough exercise, and he seemed to be suffering anthropomorphized feelings of loneliness.  We all felt bad for him, loafing about all day doing nothing but eating and sleeping in some giant Garfield reenactment.

There were all sorts of reasons to get another cat.

We finally did it.  A few weeks ago Lefty joined Vinnie as the second member of our little Kitty Mafia.

We’re still not sure who’s in charge.  Vinnie has the distinct size advantage – more than double, actually.  Lefty has the advantage of youthful energy and front claws.

Front claws will get a person pretty far in life.

Luckily they get along well enough that nobody has ended up injured.  They chase each other around and tackle each other to the ground.  Neither has shown any hint of real “I’m going to draw blood.” aggression.  The only real result of these tussles are wads of Vinnie fur scattered all over the house.  Significantly more than his normal rate of production.

We love having Lefty around.  He is aggressively affectionate, even with the kids.  He loves to sit in their laps and demand endless petting.  His purrs hint that he is far more pleased than any mammal ought to really have a right to be.  When I tell the boys “Wow, Lefty really loves you,” they believe me.


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