Learn! – Roundup #7

puffinFriday again? That sounds like a great time to pursue some unique educational opportunities on the Internet. I’m told that all of the best education is online these days, so logic tells me that everything online must be educational!

Really, though, it’s time for a roundup.

  • I’m pretty serious about learning. You don’t have to do it, though. We have machines for that these days. Here’s a cool graphic I found on machine learning. I don’t know why you’d look at it, though. Someone should create a machine to learn it for you.
  • My days are spent with Watson, but I’ll admit that there are far more Watson products at IBM than I see. I focus on health care. Apparently other departments are honing a system that will look at what you write and know your very soul.
  • Do you still feel a little clueless? Well, sometimes when I’m brave I venture into something called Reddit. It’s… I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a special place for those of us who feel like we’re out of the loop, though. It’s a place where we can learn that it’s probably better that we stop asking questions. It’s called r/OutOfTheLoop
  • That’s probably enough learning for today. The last thing I have for you is this wonderful Batwoman plot point. So cool.

Oh, and in case you missed that Pixels movie from last week, you’re probably better off with this cool short that it’s based off of. Don’t worry, though. Adam Sandler does not appear in this short.

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