K’tik the Elf Hunter

Eventually painting miniatures fails to satisfy the continuing desire for customization and creativity. A hobbyist feels a certain desire to drastically modify models so that they might fit a certain image lurking somewhere in some imaginary space. This was the case with K’tik the Elf Hunter, my newest Dungeons and Dragons character.

The most common media to work in for model modification is Green Stuff. It comes in tubes of mysterious blue and yellow substances. Mixed together they become a green clay-like substance, which hardens after another couple hours. In theory, this gives a person plenty of time to work it into the desired shape.

The only problem is that Green Stuff is extremely hard to work with. It sticks to everything, including fingers and tools. It hates forming sharp edges. It holds fingerprints.

I’ve made several attempts at modifying models in the past, but I believe K’tik is my first real success. Following are some images, including one of the halfway modeled K’tik and an identical original model. The hardest part was the bow, which involved glueing bits of metal (a salvaged staple) to his hands and then wrapping it in Green Stuff for strength. So far it hasn’t fallen apart, but I’m not expecting it to last forever.


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