Before brewing this beer I must admit that I had never heard the word Kolsch.  I still don’t really know what it means.

But it is a good beer.

The local brew store had a sale.   They wanted to get rid of their Brewers Best kits in order to make room for the new, improved Brewers Best kits.

By the time I got there only three kits remained.  Kolsch was by far the most interesting.

Now that it is finally in the kegerator I have to say I made a pretty good choice.  It’s smooth, hardly bitter, and really pretty tasty.  The small amount of wheat in the recipe intrigues me, but I can’t honestly say that I can taste it.

The white, fluffy head might be a little too much, but I think that’ll be better now that I’ve turned down the flow of CO2.  I can hardly blame the kit on that.

The advantage of the kit is its simplicity, since the cost is roughly the same.  Everything is laid out ready to go, and brewing becomes a fairly simple formula.  Really, the only time it saves is during shopping.  Instead of choosing and grinding a couple pounds of grain I just popped open a bag and dumped it in.

I may end up trying more of these kits in the future.  It is definitely a good option when time is limited and no brews are brewing.

Like now, for instance.

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