Kiki vs Zelda

Kiki met a new friend this past weekend. Brian and Meaghan’s new puppy Zelda came for a visit while the rest of us went over to Mike and Kim’s house for the party. As per standard protocol Kiki volunteered to be on the welcoming committee.

It started off a bit rough.

Img:  The Smackdown

Oh My Gosh!

It turns out Kiki doesn’t have front claws. What are you going to do, huh, Kiki? Are you planning on smothering her with your felty soft white paws? And, come on, you missed by like five feet! We know you’re not serious about it. If you were you’d be using your teeth and there would be blood.

Img:  It was just a spat

Notice Penelope and The Oblivious Lump outside.

So I guess they get along fine. It might not be as much fun as a all out brawl, but I guess this way I don’t have to try to get blood out of the carpet.

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