Justice in an Age of Metal and Men – Now Available!

JusticeEbookFinalThe day is finally here. Justice in an Age of Metal and Men is now available on Amazon. Amazon carries both the paperback and the ebook, so click on through and see what I’ve been working on for almost a year. Remember, if you’re a Prime member you can get the ebook on loan.

So far sales and loans are already looking good. As an author I’m always thrilled and a little scared to see my words flying off to the various corners of the world. I put a lot of work into those words, and, well, there they go. Time to make some new ones.

Small town sheriff Jasper Davis Crow has an arm forged of Texas Army-issued black metal, chews snuff manufactured from real tobacco extract, and wields a six shooter made before neural implants were even a thing. In an age when Texan independence, neglect, and technology have ushered in a new age of lawlessness, J.D. holds strong the line of justice in the town of Dead Oak.

Longhorns trample a rancher in what appears to be a brutal accident. The new deputy from Austin is convinced that it’s murder and J.D. is inclined to agree when their investigation uncovers a bizarre conspiracy. With a megastorm brewing and a mysterious stranger tracking their every move, they need to work fast before time runs out and the storm wipes everything clean.

Can J.D. unravel the conspiracy? Will he be able to bring a sense of closure to the rancher’s wife and kids? Will there be Justice in an Age of Metal and Men?

If you read the book and like it, please take a minute to write a review. Reviews are pretty important in the whole book ranking process. Don’t write a review if you’re biased. That means you, Dad. Sorry.

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