Honor in an Age of Metal and Men – Preorder

Green Skull and Guns cover for Honor in an Age of Metal and Men

It’s time. We’re finally in the last stages of entry before Honor in an Age of Metal and Men, the final of the Metal and Men series, sees the light of day. I’m so excited to see this thing roll out to all of you, and December 5th is the day.

But wait. I need your help. To make this a fantastic release–and to cap the whole series for me–we need to get this in front of people. There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Preorder the book now. If people do this it triggers IMPORTANT AMAZON ALGORITHMS.
  • Read and Review the previous books. Dropping HONEST REVIEWS is always a fantastic way to help an author. Justice in an Age of Metal and Men is NOW FREE with a newsletter signup.
  • Sign up for the newsletter. Know when the book comes out.
  • Share. When the book comes out, let people know. Request it at your library or bookstore. Tell people on social media. Share with the whole world.

This is a hell of an ending for the Metal and Men trilogy. Whether you’re ready or not, it’ll be here December 5th.

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