Holding Pattern

Carol and I had another appointment with our midwife this morning. We got to experience a Non-Stress Test, which basically involves Carol sitting in a comfortable chair for half of an hour. Monitors told us that Tony, Son of Tony’s heartbeat is normal and that he is reacting appropriately to contractions. His heartrate increases a bit, showing that he has plenty of oxygen. Also, Carol’s blood pressure has come down, showing that she is responding appropriately to Bed Rest. Even after attending two parties this weekend her stress levels have dropped considerably. She so far is having no trouble with the prescribed treatments.

The next appointment will be Friday morning. We are expected to go in twice a week now.

One benefit to the Non-Stress Test is that they do an ultrasound. We haven’t had one of these since week 18 or so. Back then I remember I could see a head, face, hands, liver, and various other recognizable body parts. It was very exciting. This time was also exciting, but he’s kinda big for the whole baby shot.

Img:  A blurry ultrasound

Is that.. a foot?

Img:  Carol Resting

Proof that she takes her Bed Rest seriously

Img:  Jenny and Carol

Proof that she still gets to have fun

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