Well, there’s brewing beer.  I pretty much keep up with that, though my skills improve very slowly.  Also, woodworking is a good one.  I only build something like one item a year, but I’m pretty sure that qualifies.  Writing is a pretty solid one.  I continue to produce words, and another work is scheduled to be published (though I’m not making money on this one).  Horticulture counts, I think.  Only during the warmer months, though.

I believe if I collect just one more hobby I can officially declare myself a hobbyist.

Warhammer 40k has been the latest hole into which I sink my time.  I collect little dolls, assemble and paint them, then square them off against other collected armies.  They usually lose.

I like to make them pretty, though.

Here is the first batch, a Blood Angels Death Company.

These little guys include green stuff augmented bases, lots of dry brushing, and some teeny tiny lettering on the scrollwork on their shoulders.  They weren’t particularly hard to paint, but they took an unbelievably long time.  I suspect the Stormraven Gunship, Assault Squad, and second Death Company I’m currently working on will take me most of the way through the remaining four seasons of 24.

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