Grandfather Zero Launch

Book four in the Old Code series is out! Grandfather Zero returns to the retired hacker Ajay Andersen and his granddaughter Kylie as they struggle to survive in the brutal landscape of a near-future Minnesota.

Survival is not enough.

The Pine Fortress Camp for the Gifted turns privileged children into survivors. Into hunters. Into killers.

Teenager Kylie Andersen’s abilities are killing her, and only the most drastic measures will keep her worst enemies from exploiting her deepest weaknesses. When she decides to spend the summer away from her grandfather in a camp that promises to teach her survival, she realizes one thing very quickly:

Survival is not guaranteed.

Meanwhile, a new threat approaches Minnesota’s north shore. Frontier Arms is consolidating its power under a single leader. The new organization is going to be more dangerous than anything Ajay Andersen has ever faced. The question is: who is that leader going to be?

It’ll be whoever survives.

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