Grandfather Ghost Launch

Old Code, New Problems

Grandfather Ghost is finally here! Ajay Andersen and his granddaughter Kylie return in a technothriller that has them braving the cold winds of northern Minnesota.

You can now pick up the hardcover from your favorite bookstore, pick up the ebook anywhere online, or even buy direct right here.

Retired, reclusive, and too smart to die.

Hacker Ajay Andersen knows his retirement isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses. He’s committed to protecting those he loves, and sometimes that’s not going to be easy.

But things get complicated fast when he finds Silas Cardoso’s body in his living room.

An environmentalist entrepreneur threatens the very wilderness he once protected. Mercenaries hold information that could endanger Ajay’s granddaughter Kylie. If he’s going to make things right, Ajay will need to venture somewhere he never wants to go during the harsh Minnesota winter:


Too old to race a snowmobile through a dense forest? Maybe. Too old to be a pain in the butt?

Not this Grandfather.

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