Grandfather Crypto: Edits are in!

I’m ramping up for the Grandfather Crypto release coming up June 5th. Edits are now in, and if you’re interested in such things you can find the first chapter over on my Patreon.

What’s up next? Well, with the final edits in, I can start putting together the actual book. I’ll be doing layout and art next week, along with configuring the final versions of the book descriptions and any sort of promo I want to do for launch week. There are 45 days until release, and these edits aren’t the last thing by far.

I have to say, I really enjoyed writing this book. I’ve tried not to change things too drastically between books in the Old Code series, but I might have slipped a little in this one. There are big changes coming up for Ajay and his friends. Allies? Strong acquaintances? Associates? Yeah, that sounds right.

Big changes, indeed.

Ajay Andersen broke cryptography, but there are still plenty of secrets.

A work of art is stolen from the Minneapolis Arts Institute, but there’s something strange about this modern Russian masterpiece. It’s a callback to a simpler time and a step forward into the future. Its value is not in provenance or materials. It’s in knowledge.

And someone’s desperate to learn the truth.

When the thieves ask Ajay to solve this unsolvable puzzle, he needs to decide what he cares about more: staying hidden or staying safe.

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