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Grandfather Anonymous

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The time has come, everyone. Grandfather Anonymous is now AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. It’s been a long time in the works, and I hope you’ll grab a copy of this Minnesota-based cyber thriller.

Ajay was one of the best hackers in the world when he retired from the NSA, and a lonely life in a heavily surveilled Minnesota town hasn’t dulled his skills one bit, thank you very much. When his estranged daughter knocks on his door with her two daughters in tow, he hopes it’s his chance to become part of her family again.

But she needs more than just a sitter for his two willful granddaughters. She needs someone to keep them safe — from who, she won’t say.

Before, he failed at being a father so badly that he’s afraid he can never make amends. Thrust back into a world of secrecy and cyberwarfare, Ajay now must uncover what makes his granddaughters valuable — and dangerous.

This is a story about a grandfather being awesome, AS THEY OFTEN ARE. My own grandfather was immune to pain, an inventor, and the guy who taught me how to mix a manhattan (the secret ingredient is “lots of booze.”)

Who were your grandfathers? What kinds of cool stuff do(did) they do? Let me know in the comments, and oh, hey, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the book, too.

41 thoughts on “Grandfather Anonymous

  1. i remember going to my grandpas everyday while my mom would work. we always had a routine and drink a root beer while watching “The incredible hulk” . he was a sweet caring man

    1. Awesome. Those are the kind of memories that stick with us. Especially with such a great show. I remember watching that with my parents when I was really too young to understand what was going on. Good times.

  2. I never knew my grandfathers but I think they would be amazed with a platform like this to express themselves.

    1. Heh. I’m not sure I’d want to know what kind of trouble my grandfather would get into if he had been able to blog on a regular basis.

  3. Both my grandfathers were farmers in Italy.

    1. Oh, I bet they had some good stories to tell. I recently visited the Italian countryside and it is a beautiful place.

  4. Both of my grandfathers passed away when I was very young so I don’t remember them at all. 🙁

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I always feel like I missed out on something because one of my grandfathers passed away when I was two. I’ve heard a few good stories about him, but I sometimes wonder what he was really like.

  5. My grandfather was a down to earth man who could still break a horse when he was in his sixties.

    1. If I am someday a grandpa they’ll say, “He was a down to earth man who could play video games with low to moderate skill even though he’s in his sixties.” That’s… probably not as impressive as your grandfather.

  6. My Grandfather owned a Ranch back in the Azores Islands, He had 17 kids, all the boys worked on the Ranch except for my dad who loved the city and got a job there, Grandpa was not impressed in those days he needed all the boys on hand to feed 17 kids They pretty much lived off the land.

    1. 17 kids! I thought I was busy with just two. Yeah, in those days they really did need kids to help out around the farm. Even just losing one to the big city could cause a lot of trouble.

  7. My Grandfather were both very involved in the war effort in WWII. My Dad’s dad was in the Lend/Lease Program with Russia and my Mom’s Dad worked in one of the Armories building Howitzers.

    1. Awesome. It was a tough time, but it sounds like they both did their part to help in different ways.

  8. My Grandpa was a railroad conductor and he always wore the blue suit with a watrch pocket containing his “railroad watch”.

    1. Sometimes grandpa fashion is the best fashion. And, hey, when you get in the habit of carrying around a railroad watch, it’s hard to stop.

  9. My granpdas died before I knew either one but my great grandpa lived with us until he passed at 96. He ate peas rolled up on a butter knife.

    1. “I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life; It makes the peas taste funny, But it keeps them on the knife.”

  10. he looked just like santa and kids always thought he was santa

    1. Santa-looking grandpas are the best, especially if they like to go around granting wishes to little kids.

  11. My grandfather was like Bluto, he would walk into a bar in NYC and call out “Who is the toughest man here?” When a guy would say he was my grandfather would lay him out (he always would). Afterwards he’d buy him a drink. For the rest of the night he’d drink for free because everyone would admire what he did.

    1. That’s awesome. I think *I* would buy him a drink if he did that someplace I was drinking. Certainly wouldn’t challenge him to a fight.

  12. My Grandpa traveled when he was younger. He was a ship engineer, so whenever he went to new places, he would always get something small for my Grandma!

    1. Oh, cool. I bet he went all sorts of cool places. I hope you’re able to get him talking about some of those trips.

  13. My grandfather whom I called Poppa always gave me ,10 chocolate bars now I find dimes wherever I go.

    1. It’s amazing how certain things can remind us of our grandparents. I wonder if they know of the long-lasting effects they’re having on us when they give us treats like that as kids. 🙂

  14. my grandfather passed a few years ago and i miss him every day

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. It took me a long time to process the loss of my own grandfather. There are so many good memories.

  15. My grandfather lives overseas, I talked on the phone with him last month, he’s well.

    1. It’s tough when they live so far away. For the last twenty years of his life, my grandfather lived in Florida. I tried to get down to see him around my birthday every year, but it was tough. Not much of a sacrifice, though. Florida in October is a whole lot nicer than Minnesota.

  16. I never knew a grandfather, they were both deceased before I was born.

    1. My grandfather on my mother’s side died when I was very young (2, I think). I always wish I could have known him.

  17. Cant wait to get a copy!

  18. I adored my Grandfather, he was a wise and gentle man.

    1. It always makes me wonder what they were like when they were young. Where did all that wisdom come from if not wild adventure?

  19. Sadly, I never knew either of my grandfathers. Both died before I was born.

    1. Sometimes all we get are secondhand memories, but it’s not really the same.

  20. My grandfather was a loving, strong man who stared as a farmer & ended his career as a builder.

    1. And I bet he had great stories to tell about everything that happened along the way.

    2. My grandfather worked in a restaurant.

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