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41 thoughts on “Grandfather Anonymous

  • i remember going to my grandpas everyday while my mom would work. we always had a routine and drink a root beer while watching “The incredible hulk” . he was a sweet caring man

    • Awesome. Those are the kind of memories that stick with us. Especially with such a great show. I remember watching that with my parents when I was really too young to understand what was going on. Good times.

  • I never knew my grandfathers but I think they would be amazed with a platform like this to express themselves.

    • Heh. I’m not sure I’d want to know what kind of trouble my grandfather would get into if he had been able to blog on a regular basis.

  • Both my grandfathers were farmers in Italy.

    • Oh, I bet they had some good stories to tell. I recently visited the Italian countryside and it is a beautiful place.

  • Both of my grandfathers passed away when I was very young so I don’t remember them at all. 🙁

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I always feel like I missed out on something because one of my grandfathers passed away when I was two. I’ve heard a few good stories about him, but I sometimes wonder what he was really like.

  • My grandfather was a down to earth man who could still break a horse when he was in his sixties.

    • If I am someday a grandpa they’ll say, “He was a down to earth man who could play video games with low to moderate skill even though he’s in his sixties.” That’s… probably not as impressive as your grandfather.

  • My Grandfather owned a Ranch back in the Azores Islands, He had 17 kids, all the boys worked on the Ranch except for my dad who loved the city and got a job there, Grandpa was not impressed in those days he needed all the boys on hand to feed 17 kids They pretty much lived off the land.

    • 17 kids! I thought I was busy with just two. Yeah, in those days they really did need kids to help out around the farm. Even just losing one to the big city could cause a lot of trouble.

  • My Grandfather were both very involved in the war effort in WWII. My Dad’s dad was in the Lend/Lease Program with Russia and my Mom’s Dad worked in one of the Armories building Howitzers.

    • Awesome. It was a tough time, but it sounds like they both did their part to help in different ways.

  • My Grandpa was a railroad conductor and he always wore the blue suit with a watrch pocket containing his “railroad watch”.

    • Sometimes grandpa fashion is the best fashion. And, hey, when you get in the habit of carrying around a railroad watch, it’s hard to stop.

  • My granpdas died before I knew either one but my great grandpa lived with us until he passed at 96. He ate peas rolled up on a butter knife.

    • “I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life; It makes the peas taste funny, But it keeps them on the knife.”

  • he looked just like santa and kids always thought he was santa

    • Santa-looking grandpas are the best, especially if they like to go around granting wishes to little kids.

  • My grandfather was like Bluto, he would walk into a bar in NYC and call out “Who is the toughest man here?” When a guy would say he was my grandfather would lay him out (he always would). Afterwards he’d buy him a drink. For the rest of the night he’d drink for free because everyone would admire what he did.

    • That’s awesome. I think *I* would buy him a drink if he did that someplace I was drinking. Certainly wouldn’t challenge him to a fight.

  • My Grandpa traveled when he was younger. He was a ship engineer, so whenever he went to new places, he would always get something small for my Grandma!

    • Oh, cool. I bet he went all sorts of cool places. I hope you’re able to get him talking about some of those trips.

  • My grandfather whom I called Poppa always gave me ,10 chocolate bars now I find dimes wherever I go.

    • It’s amazing how certain things can remind us of our grandparents. I wonder if they know of the long-lasting effects they’re having on us when they give us treats like that as kids. 🙂

  • my grandfather passed a few years ago and i miss him every day

    • I’m sorry for your loss. It took me a long time to process the loss of my own grandfather. There are so many good memories.

  • My grandfather lives overseas, I talked on the phone with him last month, he’s well.

    • It’s tough when they live so far away. For the last twenty years of his life, my grandfather lived in Florida. I tried to get down to see him around my birthday every year, but it was tough. Not much of a sacrifice, though. Florida in October is a whole lot nicer than Minnesota.

  • I never knew a grandfather, they were both deceased before I was born.

    • My grandfather on my mother’s side died when I was very young (2, I think). I always wish I could have known him.

  • Cant wait to get a copy!

    • *high five*

  • I adored my Grandfather, he was a wise and gentle man.

    • It always makes me wonder what they were like when they were young. Where did all that wisdom come from if not wild adventure?

  • Sadly, I never knew either of my grandfathers. Both died before I was born.

    • Sometimes all we get are secondhand memories, but it’s not really the same.

  • My grandfather was a loving, strong man who stared as a farmer & ended his career as a builder.

    • And I bet he had great stories to tell about everything that happened along the way.

    • My grandfather worked in a restaurant.

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